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Expression Of Congratulations, Compliment and Gratitude

Expression Of Congratulations
      Expression of Congratulations is an expression that we use give the congratulation utterance when he or she be succeed in doing someone.
Here are some expressions of congratulations and their proper responses
I’d be the first to congratulate you on….
It’s very good of you to say so
I’d like to congratulate you on…..
How nice of you to say so
Please accept my warmest congratulations.
Thank you very much for saying so
May I congratulate you on…
I’m glad you think so
I must congratulate you.
Oh, it’s nothing special actually
It was great to hear about…
Oh, I have a lot to learn yet
Oh, not really
Congratulations on….!
Oh, nothing to it, actually
Well done! / Fantastic!
Oh, thank’s

Ø   Expression Of Compliment
      Expression of Compliment is an expression that we show or say to express give praise.
3 thing that need to be noticed:
  • §      General appearance
  • §      When you visit someone house in first saw
  • §      When other people do their best 
Expression Of Complement:
  • · What a nice dress!
  • · You look great.
  • · You look very nice/beautiful/handsome.
  • · I really must express my admiration for your dance.
  • · Good grades!
  • · Excellent!
  • · Nice work!
  • · Good job! 

Expression Of Gratitude
      Expression of Gratitude is an expression that we saw or say to express grateful feeling to other people.
Here are some expressions of gratitude and their proper responses
Expressing gratitude
I’m so grateful for…
Don’t mention it
Thank you very much for…
It was my pleasure
Thank you for
You’re welcome
That was nice of you. Thank you
No big deal
Thanks a lot for…
I’m glad that I can help you
I really appreciate….
My pleasure
Thanks. / Many thanks
Forget it
Thanks a million.
That’s what friends are
Thanks a lot
It’s all right

Dialog about:
a. Congratulations, Compliment, and Gratitude
    Tina: "Hey you.."
    Rafael: "what?.."
    Tina: "Congratulations about you.."
    Rafael: "What do you say?"
    Tina: "You are the winner... Winner of an Olympic race science. You are good boy."
    Rafael: "Ah, thank you, Na.. You are the winner too.."
    Tina: Ok.. I go first...

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